Calendar of Events

3 July 2016 – 8 July 2016

9th International Conference on Aeolian Research

The Organising Committee invites you to join us as a partner to stage the 9th International Conference on Aeolian Research (ICAR) to be held in Mildura in July 2016.
Aeolian (wind) erosion and dust storms play a key role in environmental systems. Around 2000 million tons of dust is eroded and emitted into the atmosphere every year. The dust represents a substantial loss of topsoil and nutrients from the Earth’s agricultural lands, rangelands and deserts. This has a significant effect on agricultural productivity and rural communities. Not only is it loss of farmland nutrients, but the downwind social impacts to public health, traffic disruption, accidents, loss of critical infrastructure and clean up all impact urban communities. Whilst dust storms are generally viewed as a rural norm, more urban societies worldwide, including Australia, are feeling the impacts of dust due to changing climates and management practices.

Aeolian research is studied globally. Hot deserts, cold deserts to the semi arid rangelands and temperate crop lands. Small scale soil surface processes to the global transport systems that impact global climate are studied by researchers from across the world. The International Conference of Aeolian Research has provided the meeting place for these researchers to share ideas and push the contemporary understanding of the impacts of global dust issues. These conferences have been run since 1985.

The 9th International Conference on Aeolian Research in Australia will be different. It acknowledges that society is increasingly feeling the impact of dust. The theme of the 2016 conference is Aeolian Processes in a Changing World. This theme has been chosen as it reflects the great challenges faced by societies to manage increasing wind erosion and dust storms, driven by land use pressures, drought and climate change. The Conference will stimulate ideas and facilitate collaboration across political and environmental boundaries to build understanding and find new solutions.

As a partner, your organisation will be highlighted in front of an international gathering of professionals with specific interest in aeolian processes and their role in human and environmental systems.

Following are details of how you can partner with us and we look forward to your involvement in this very important event.

Start: 3 July 2016 8:00 am
End: 8 July 2016 5:00 pm
Venue: Unnamed Venue
Mildura, Victoria, Australia