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  • When: Ongoing
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‘FoodWise’ is Do Something’s national campaign to reduce the environmental impact of Australia’s food consumption. We want Australians to become more educated and informed about the food that they eat. In short we want Australians to become FoodWise.

Do Something’s FoodWise web site gives you practical advice and information on what you can do to solve the problem. The solutions begin with buying seasonal food and sustainably harvested fish. Where possible – and within reason – we want people to buy locally grown produce or grow their own food. It can be as simple as eating less meat or going meat free on Mondays. Reducing your kitchen waste, composting and supporting food charities are just three ways to make sure that less food ends up in landfill. Being on top of animal welfare issues and where possible choosing organic are other approaches that we’ll cover in our push to get people eating more sustainably.

By bringing together a community of people who love food, we want to create a more sustainable approach to the way that we grow, distribute, consume and dispose of that food.

In other words, FoodWise is a how-to guide to cooking up real change.


Do something's food waste campaign

Fast Facts

  • Australians discard up to 20% of the food they purchase
  • If you add up all the food Australia wastes each year, it would fill up 450,000 garbage trucks