Wild Futures

  • Who: Conservation Volunteers
  • When: Ongoing
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Want to help wildlife in urgent need?

Want to be a part of a dynamic group and make a positive contribution to species survival?

Wild Futures is Conservation Volunteers Australia’s national wildlife conservation program.  It makes a measurable difference to the future of many of Australia’s most threatened animals.

The landscape and wildlife are under huge amounts of pressure, dealing with threats from habitat loss, introduced predators, pollution, disease, climate change and urban development.

In just a short time we have seen many species decline and an ever increasing number fall to extinction. The Wild Futures program works with species recovery teams to identify the expert approved on-ground conservation actions that can provide significant support.

Wild Futures allows supporters to get involved and make a valuable contribution through action and donation.  Volunteers get to roll up their sleeves and make an active difference to urgent species’ survival.

Through our habitat enhancement and research activities, fundraising campaigns and public awareness, we are fighting to give these species a fighting chance for a Wild Future.

YOU can join in the fight and assist wildlife in urgent need.  Join our Wild Futures program, become a monthly supporter or be a part of a Wild Futures team and volunteer to help us save these species.

Wild Futures - 'Growling Grass Frog' by Lydia Fucsko

Fast Facts

  • Wild Futures is helping to save the Eastern Barred Bandicoot, Carnaby’s Cockatoo, Lumholtz Tree Kangaroo, Richmond Birdwing Butterfly and Red-crowned Toadlet – to name a few!
  • Satellite tracking through the Wild Futures Sea Turtle program has discovered new feeding grounds for the mysterious Flatback Sea Turtle.
  • Half of the planet’s flora and fauna is predicted to become extinct by 2100.