Tree Planting Matching

The City of Sydney aims to grow its urban forest and green canopy by up to 50 per cent by 2030. And now, with the new tree planting matching grant, you and your neighbours can be a part of the greening. The tree planting grant is part of the Matching Grants program so check out the Matching Grant guidelines before you get started.

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How do I apply for a tree planting grant?

  1. Gather a group of neighbours together who want to plant a tree in the front or rear garden of their properties. Matching Grants must be allocated to two or more people, from different households, so you’ll need a few of you to apply.
  2. Think about what type of species you’d like in each of your gardens, evergreen or deciduous? Also think about the space where your tree will live, is there enough space for the tree to mature, is there enough sunlight and is the ground space adequate for root growth? Don’t forget to check how close the tree will be to your neighbours!
  3. Fill out the Green Matching Grants Submission Form and post or drop your application off in person to Project Manager (Local Action Plans), City of Sydney, 456 Kent St, Sydney NSW 2000
  4. Our Tree Management Coordinator is happy to answer any specific questions you might have. Simply email us or phone on 02 9265 9544.