Get Involved - Corporate Volunteering

Corporate Environmental Volunteering

Landcare Australia’s popular corporate environmental volunteering program has been running for over twenty years. It gives companies, through their staff and associated stakeholders, the opportunity to give back to the communities in which they operate. Over the last 12 months we have supported over 1,000 corporate volunteers to participate across Australia at various sites, donating over 6,000 hours to the Landcare movement.

Corporate volunteering days are fantastic team-building events which allow employees to get out of the office and get their hands dirty, while immersing themselves in Landcare for the day. Whether it’s weeding, mulching, planting, propagation and nursery work, or even cultural heritage restoration – Landcare Australia can tailor an event to suit the needs of your company.

Whatever activities the volunteers undertake, they all come away from their Landcare experience with a better understanding of biodiversity, their local environment and how their activities at home and work may be impacting on our fragile ecosystems.

As well as this increased awareness and the obvious positive environmental outcomes, team building and workplace cohesion benefits are just as significant. A corporate environmental volunteering day with Landcare creates an opportunity for people to come together for a worthwhile cause whilst making new friends, networking and getting to know their colleagues better.  What better result could you hope for?

Landcare Australia hosts corporate volunteering activities across Australia from coastal to riverside, bush to urban, and regional locations. Anyone can become a Landcarer and volunteer their time and energy to improving the environment for future generations to come.

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Workplace Giving

Workplace Giving (WPG) is an easy, tax efficient way to give back to the community by donating to Landcare through your workplace payroll system from your pre-tax salary.  No matter how small the amount, WPG donations provide a regular flow of valuable funds which help local Landcare groups continue their invaluable local conservation work throughout Australia.

For the past eight years, Landcare Australia has been working in partnership with many generous businesses across the country in our WPG Program.

Landcare Australia uses WPG donations to fund and support innovative projects that not only protect and repair the environment but also help to build social resilience and support local communities’ capacity to tackle environment issues. 

In the past year alone, employee donations have funded two Junior Landcare projects, numerous local environmental projects and allowed us to provide 20 Landcare groups with $1,000 grants to support a wide variety of environmental conservation and restoration work.

With over 4,000 Landcare groups and 2,000 Coastcare groups around Australia, generous employee contributions from some of Australia’s largest companies are enabling these groups to purchase locally native trees, shrubs and groundcovers, construct fences to protect habitats and increase biodiversity as well as involve the wider community in local Landcare activities.

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