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Landcare Australia

Landcare Australia Limited is a non-political, uniquely Australian partnership between the community, government and business to protect and repair Australia’s magnificent, yet stressed, natural resources.  As the official non-profit organisation responsible for the promotion of the Landcare community and corporate engagement with the movement, Landcare Australia manages national campaigns including the National Landcare Awards and Landcare Week.

Landcare Australia logoLandcare is a grass-roots volunteer movement made up of individuals and groups who work on protecting and restoring their local environments.  The movement began nationally in 1989 when farmers and conservationists partnered through initiatives aimed at improving agricultural productivity through sustainable land management. Landcare has since grown and developed to focus on the sustainable management of all of Australia’s natural resources and includes environmental conservation projects across the whole country from coastal to urban and remote areas of Australia.

The groups that come under the Landcare umbrella work on a wide range of environmental projects and fall under a variety of names including Rivercare, Bushcare, Coastcare, Friends of, and DunecareLandcare also includes farmers implementing sustainable practices on their farms to help protect the very land that sustains us.

Landcare is about protecting the land so that it can sustain future generations and the people involved in helping that happen.

Landcare is for everyone.

Junior Landcare

Junior Landcare is an initiative of Landcare Australia designed to encourage young people to learn about sustainability and play an active role in ensuring the safe future of their environment.

Junior Landcare logoLaunched in May 1998, Junior Landcare recognises that the contribution of young people is vital if the land they are to inherit is to be in the best possible condition for them and future generations.

Through the Junior Landcare program, Landcare Australia facilitates a number of corporate-funded programs for schools and youth groups across Australia to enable them to implement environmental projects in their schools or local communities and to connect with their local Landcare groups.

Landcare activities can also be successfully integrated into the school curriculum and provide a great framework for learning in outdoor ‘living classrooms’.  Junior Landcare enables kids to become involved with the Landcare community at a young age through hands on involvement working on local environment projects in partnership with local Landcare groups and the wider community.

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Established by the Australian Government in 1995, Coastcare is a community of volunteers who work to care for and protect the Australian coastline. Coastcare groups are established when a group of local people identify a problem in their local coastal environment and work together towards a practical solution.

Coastcare logoThe work done by these groups of dedicated volunteers is invaluable to restoration and protection of the fragile coastline of our country, and includes rubbish collection, weed removal, revegetation and the construction of pathways and boardwalks to mitigate against damage and erosion by human traffic. These activities are just a small number in the wide range of conservation activities undertaken by the Coastcare community.

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