Bringing new life to South Australia’s Finniss River

Goolwa to Wellington Local Action Planning Inc., SA

Cherry Macklin's property benefitting from the project

Funding, from the ‘Old Phones, More Trees’ MobileMuster campaign, has brought new life to the Finniss River in South Australia. To create an environment where human activity and natural ecosystems can live together in harmony, the Goolwa to Wellington Local Action Planning Association teamed up with the local community to rejuvenate wildlife habitat whilst managing the region’s natural resources.

A better understanding of the environment was gained by all of those involved as volunteers took the reins, collecting seeds, propagating shoots and taking surveys of the land. The group also planted 5440 native seedlings across a barren area that had suffered from the effects of land clearance and livestock grazing.

Overcoming issues caused by rabbits, kangaroos, weeds and drought, project managers worked hard to protect old river Red Gum trees and permanent waterholes that help shape local fauna habitats.

Once a hot-spot for rare fish, birds and plants, the Finniss River has benefitted from this movement through decreased erosion and boosted vegetation. Habitat for the yellow-tailed black cockatoo has also proved to be a positive finding by bird surveys taken near the site.

The significance of the project has been highlighted further since the river, the second largest in South Australia, sustains the Lower Lakes and Coorong wetland. Maintaining the banks of a project of this scale reflects the ecological significance and continuous challenges faced by Landcarers whilst managing a precious area like the Finniss River.