Bushcare’s Major Day Out

Bushcare groups across the country, NAT


This year’s Bushcare’s Major Day Out will be held on Sunday, September 7, 2014 as part of Landcare Week and will see local Bushcare events taking place all across the country.

First held in Willoughby, NSW in 2009, Bushcare’s Major Day Out was established to engage the local community in the restoration of remnant bushland, recruit new members to Bushcare and provide an opportunity for environmental volunteers across Willoughby and North Sydney to socialise while getting their hands dirty!

Since then, the event has gone nationwide with 35 environmental groups participating in the inaugural National Bushcare’s Major Day Out in 2011 and even more in 2012. Project sites ranged from sand dunes of banksia scrub on the Gold Coast, a forest area of eucalyptus regnans along the Yarra in Victoria, and a paperbark forest located within the Spectacles wetland outside of Perth, a site highly valued by the traditional owners, the Wajuk people.Volunteers aged from 5 to 85 participated on the day to help make a difference to their local environment.

All groups reported that their event attracted new volunteers. One group in Victoria received an excellent response to the Landcare Weed advertisement in the Melbourne Age with 17 people attending, 9 of whom were new to Bushcare. Another group in South Australia expected 5 to 10 people to attend their event, and were pleasantly surprised when 35 volunteers showed up! A Newcastle Council officer led an incredibly successful day that included a large plant giveaway, children’s activities, frog pond building and an introductory bush regeneration workshop, attracting dozens of new volunteers eager to help out.

This year’s event is sponsored by Willoughby City Council and Landcare Australia and promises to be another huge success, raising awareness among local communities of the need to protect our bush while learning about the role we can all play in its continued care.

To find an event near you or register your site, please visit http://www.bushcaresmajordayout.org/