Dripstone Vegetable and Bushtucker Garden

Dripstone Children's Centre, NT

The children at Dripstone Children's Centre have learnt a lot about healthy eating form their bush tucker

Children at Dripstone Children’s Centre have been learning about the importance of growing and eating their own healthy produce since they received a Coles Junior Landcare Garden Grant for their Vegetable and Bushtucker Garden project. With the help of 20 parent and friends volunteers, the students and staff were able to establish four raised garden beds, a melon patch, a bush tucker patch and raised strawberry beds along with a chicken house established from additional funding from the NT Government Community Benefit grant.

The students have been busy growing bananas, mango trees, mulberries, passion fruit, strawberries, pineapples, lemon and lime trees, watermelon, corn, zucchini, bok choy, and eggplants as well as bush tucker plants including beach hibiscus, green plum, native lemon grass, and red lolly bush.

Healthy Living nutrition activities were held at the school, including a special guest visit by Robin Lions, Senior Urban Dietician  at the Department of Health and Families. Children took home a sample bag from their nutrition activities which included healthy diet literature, fruit and veggie stickers and a picture of the veggie man sandwich that they made to show and discuss with their parents.

The children have developed a sense of pride and excitement about growing and eating their own vegetables and bush tucker. They have been involved in several stages of the garden project including planting, watering and caring for the garden, harvesting the produce and eating all the beautiful veggies they have grown. The garden has also enhanced the sense of community at the centre and teachers from other centres have even come to see the gardens for themselves!