Illawarra Youth Volunteers Share Their Stories


This short documentary film captures the stories of young volunteers from Illawarra Youth Landcare who give their time to contribute to environmental restoration projects in the Illawarra region and beyond. It was filmed and produced by Megan Rowlatt, founder and coordinator of Illawarra Youth Landcare and the 2012 National Young Landcare Leader of the year.

In Megan’s role as coordinator she was often asked ‘why do young people volunteer?’, ‘how do you get them to come back?’, ‘what motivates them to come in the first place?’ and so she made this documentary to answer those questions. It is a journey of what drives young volunteers to donate their time to Landcare, what their connection is with the natural environment, the types of projects they participate in, the partnerships they have formed, and the people they have connected with and helped along the way.

Megan hopes this video will help to inspire young people to get involved in Landcare in their local area, and that people take away the message that Landcare really is for everyone!