Junior Landcare closes the city-country gap for rural kids

School of Distance Education Competition, QLD

Junior Landcare recently went out to some of the most remote parts of the country with a competition for students in seven Schools of Distance Education in Queensland. The kids were asked to create a short video that addressed a local environmental issue and suggest ways that their local communities could help.
The amazing entries received demonstrate the deep understanding that rural kids have for the land and environmental sustainability. The projects covered a range of diverse topics including local endangered species, plastic shopping bags, recycling glass, farming erosion and global warming.
Two of the winners were from the Brisbane School of Distance Education, Bronte Johnson from Year 5 and Ruby Gibbons from Year 6. Bronte put her painting and drawing skills to great use and compiled a beautiful video all about the critically endangered Northern Hairy Nosed Wombat and the pressures it faces. Ruby may have taken inspiration from another well known environmental documentary with her piece entitled, Plastic Shopping Bags – The Inconvenient Truth, which is all about the impact plastic shopping bag pollution is having on the Moreton Bay Marine Park.
Ben Ryan, a Year 4 student from Charters Towers School of Distance Education, was another winner having compiled a great video entitled Moving into Junior Landcare, which even saw him interviewing a local geologist! Hamish Atkinson, a student from Mount Isa School of Distance Education in Year 7, also won in his category with his video all about The Marvel of the Mary River Turtle, a creature he tells us that has kept scientists captivated for more than 30 years!
The winners from each of the categories received an iPad and a trip to the National Landcare Awards in Sydney, held on Tuesday 4th September 2012.