Junior Landcare in action!

Highvale Preschool, VIC


The children of Highvale Preschool were able to expand their knowledge of the environment and have shown a keen interest in both recycling and composting, thanks to a Coles Junior Landcare School Garden Grant. The funding was used to set up a vegetable garden, and the children learnt how to make and look after a garden, and understand how a worm farm works.

The site of the vegetable garden is a previously unused and fenced off area. With the help of the Monash Council, the fencing was repositioned so that the preschool would have a location for their new garden. The children decided the type of vegetables to grow, and grew the seedlings in a hot house that was constructed from old play equipment, highlighting the value of reusing and recycling. The plants were established in the garden beds and supported by bamboo stakes from their own garden.

The children loved to spread newspaper, manure, potting mix and sugarcane mulch. They enjoyed checking the worms and bottling the “worm wee