NSW farmer brings dairy farming into the modern age and inspires the next generation

Lynne Strong, NSW

Lynne Strong is a sixth generation farmer who has improved dairy farm production and works to inspire a new generation of farmers. Her success began when she set out to develop her family’s award winning dairy enterprise in Jamberoo, NSW.

Lynne worked closely with researchers at the University of Sydney and Wollongong University to improve the sustainability and efficiency of her land. Now, her thriving business grazes two and a half times the industry average of cows, produces six times the industry average of litres of milk and uses water (12 times the average) more efficiently per hectare.

With an ethic of ‘doing things smarter’, Lynne experiments with new plants for pasture land, has improved laneways between paddock and dairy, uses up-to-date cow nutrition knowledge, uses gravity fed off stream water troughs and protects 50% of the land for conservation purposes.

Starting with the ‘Picasso Cows’ Art4Agriculture program, Lynne set out to educate a new generation by working with young Australians, especially those from non-rural backgrounds. For the next 5 years, the Art4Agriculture campaign has grown, introducing programs like the ‘Archibull Prize’ and ‘Bridging the rural-urban divide’.

More recently, Lynne Strong received an Australian Government ‘Caring for our Country’ grant which enabled her to run the ‘Young Eco Champions Program – Sharing the Farm Scale Conservation Story’. This project harnessed Lynne Strong’s multimedia interest by using YouTube and social media websites to aid her cause and bring the attention of thousands towards her positive farming mission.

Her passion for sustainable agriculture and commitment to natural resource management makes Lynne an inspirational Landcare figure. She has successfully integrated her farming enterprise into a peri-urban landscape, providing a great example of how productivity, sustainability and community can co-exist.